Torzi Gianluigi

Thinking outside the box

Pandemic and geopolitics: the new global order


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ISBN: 9788862507974

«Here, we find in this book an aid for a reflection that will probably continue, indeed certainly, because nobody has the solutions in their pocket, and this surely will have to enrich and awaken many consciences, above all of those who take political decisions for the States and for supranational bodies».
Franco Frattini

The pandemic caused by Covid-19 represents the piece of an articulated puzzle that had been tracing itself for several years. The virus and its effects in fact provide the perfect fit to the dynamics already underway, accelerating movements of political and civic masses that would otherwise have been more gradual and tortuous. And this is how the virus offers itself to us as a lens through which to observe changes in paradigms and at the same time trace the continuity of national strategies. Some countries, which tend to be hegemonic, will not change their attitude for long. This was demonstrated by the most intense phases of the crisis which saw some states move according to what could be called imperialist tendencies. The disease proceeds far from homogeneous and the contagion follows different timings, thus offering opportunities for competition. From this point of view, the emergency turns into a national and individual opportunity. The lockdown has allowed our minds to move, creating new ideas and pushing public decision makers and citizens to think outside the box. Through an in-depth analysis of international geopolitics at the time of Covid-19, «Thinking outside the box» invites the reader to look beyond borders, because if there is a certain aspect in the midst of the uncertainty of the crisis, it is that what is afterwards, it will not be the same as what we are facing and used to know.

«The most important part of my life is the sum of my experiences». Gianluigi Torzi started on the stock market desks and then moved on to the capital market and investment banking. Years of experience gained in the field day after day. Today in the companies he founded in various parts of the world are working more than three thousand people from seventy different countries. Extracting value from the most complicated situations, focusing on a pragmatic approach, but still on resilience, is the skill that best represents him. Geopolitics, understood as the sum of long-term processes that come to determine the fate of man – of the collectives, with its evolutions, mechanisms, dynamics – is his main and deepest interest.

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with an afterword by Franco Frattini




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