Ferraresi Mauro

Fashion Media and Platform Society

A Sociological Approach


Data di uscita: 20/06/2024

ISBN: 9788868965730

Is there a specificity in the fashion industry regarding the use of media, and specifically advertising? That is to say: is communicating a collection the same as communicating a cheese?
From this question follows the need to analyze the kind of relationship between fashion and media today, in the digital age. These are, in fact, questions that revolve around the central question: what is fashion today in light of its relationship with the media? And, conversely, what is the media today in light of its relationship with fashion?
This volume analyzes the development of this relationship since the 1940s, with the start of classic mainstream advertising, but focuses mainly on the present day, in the times of social, algorithms and disintermediation.
An attempt is then made to understand what fashion is today from a sociological point of view, also dwelling on the relationship between media and power, the concepts of fashion consumption and media consumption, and the comparison between fashion and platform society. Finally, the consequences of the convergence between the two fields studied are outlined.

Mauro Ferraresi is an associate professor in charge of the degree program in Fashion and Creative Industries at IULM University in Milan and works in the field of communication. He has conducted important studies on consumer identity theory. For our editions he wrote Bello, buono e ben fatto (2014) and Le nuove leve del consumo (2016). He is editor of the series “Society, Communication and Business”.

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